Can you be sure that you know exactly where your organisation’s most critical information assets are, and that they are being protected in line with their importance to the business? Building on our expertise in key disciplines such as information classification and information risk assessment, ISF Consultants will help you implement an approach to critical asset management and protection that enables your organisation to:

  • Identify its critical information assets based on their value to the business
  • Reflect the latest information risk assessment techniques to identify the threat profile of critical assets
  • Provide protection to critical information assets that reflects their threat profile and importance to the business, whilst using resources as efficiently as possible (by avoiding ‘over protection’)
  • Maintain a consistent approach that addresses each stage of the information life cycle, allowing for factors that may change over time (such as the value of an information asset to the business, risk profile, or adequacy of current controls).

Case Study:

ISF Consultants assisted a financial organisation to establish a critical asset protection programme, which involved: a comprehensive, enterprise-wide discovery exercise; detailed profiling of key threats (using the ISF’s Cyber Attack Chain); and the deployment of specialised protection to counter sophisticated, targeted attacks against these assets.

Consultancy Services Overview

Critical Information Asset Management and Protection

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