Held three times a year, Chapter Meetings provide an opportunity for Members in the same geographic region to meet and discuss security and risk management issues at a local level. These one or two-day events provide a confidential peer-to-peer forum for networking and exchanging ideas, in addition to learning from ISF Analysts and other industry experts.

This one-day, online Chapter meeting will feature:

Things I learned from other people’s maths mistakes (Matt Parker, Stand-up Maths)

Matt, a stand-up maths comedian, combines humour with experiences of using mathematics for changing the approach to thinking about risk.

The Next Step – re-appraising the security risk associated with a growing remote workforce (Richard Davis, Proofpoint)

What are the current evolving threats and how can you mitigate the increased risk? Find out how to protect your people and your brand.

Threat Intelligence and ‘Black Swan’ cyber attacks (David Aubrey-Jones, RBS)

Learn about cyber ‘Black Swans’ and an approach to predicting them in the future, with reference to the ISF Threat Horizon report and the ISF Extinction Level event project.

Standard of Good Practice for Information Security 2020 (Gareth Haken, ISF Global Team)

Gareth Haken presents key insights and findings from the Standard of Good Practice for Information Security 2020, highlighting sections relevant to the current crisis.

Navigating the New Era of Privacy (Monica Dubeau, IBM Security)

How customers are evolving their processes and leveraging automation to streamline and improve their ability to meet regulatory timelines.

Deploying Open Source Software (Paul Holland, ISF Global Team)

Open Source Software is starting to become an important part of an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Paull will address the at myths and challenges pertaining to OSS.

Front Line: Member case studies and stories (Imran Ali, Compass; and Steve Dobson, ISF Global Team)

Imran Ali and Steve Dobson will share stories of Member experiences embracing the new normal, with hints, tips and case study examples

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