Organisational resilience alone is insufficient in the digital age. Continuous business model reinvention is necessary not just for future success, but for the very survival of the organisation.

The old solutions are not enough. In this time of great change and opportunity, our approach to risk and insurance must be more ambitious than ever before. We must help boards and the c-suite to be courageous, collaborative and agile, and to turn change into an advantage in our New World.

The Airmic Conference is a unique chance for the risk and insurance community to come together to discover, debate and learn. It is our opportunity to help grow the influence of our profession in this age of new technology and globalisation.

We will have the latest thought leadership presentations and reports, unrivalled networking opportunities, 36 educational workshops/seminars and many more short talks and discussions to support your continuous professional development.

Together and as individuals, the risk and insurance community must make it our mission to find and implement New Solutions to keep our businesses resilient, sustainable and successful.