On Wednesday 21st October, 10:00am (BST) Mark Ward, Senior Research Analyst at the ISF, will be a part of a live session on the Future of Work.

Mark Ward will be joining a panel of specialist speakers where he will share his thoughts on his recently published report on Becoming a Next-Generation CISO.

Upskilling: New skills for a new business environment

Before Covid-19, internal strategic conversations were largely focused on the need for employers to improve efforts in attracting talent. However, with many businesses opting a freeze in recruitment during the pandemic, retaining key talent has become a critical priority for businesses and their HR teams. We focus on how TMT organisations can strengthen the skills of their workforce and ensure their productivity remains relevant as businesses continue to adapt and change in these extraordinary times.

About Mark Ward

Mark Ward is a Senior Research Analyst at the ISF. He joined the organisation in January 2020 after a long career in journalism. During that time he researched and wrote news for a wide variety of media organisations including the BBC, New Scientist and The Daily Telegraph. Throughout, he specialised in writing about technology, innovation and cyber security.

Since joining the ISF he has helped to put together a global guide to the legal and regulatory framework surrounding information security, co-wrote a briefing paper about deploying open source software, and spent time researching the changing work patterns and characteristics of CISOs who are making the most of digital transformation projects.

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