On Tuesday 6th October, 12:35 BST Mark Chaplin, Principal at the ISF, will be delivering a live session on the changing role of the CISO.

A sharpened focus on the growing interdependencies between the physical and cyber security worlds leads to the consideration of a converged organisational structure. This session sheds some light on:

  • The CISO role and reporting line
  • The overlapping goals and target between CIO, CISO and CO)
  • Getting a security budget that gives increased execution ability, as well as more oversight, independence and governance

Mark will also be a moderator in a panel discussion taking place at 14:50 on Wednesday 7th October. This panel will be discussing security financials with the board.

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About Mark Chaplin

Mark is an experienced information risk management professional with approximately 30 years of experience in the technology/information security industry. He has worked in diverse roles from consultancy to information security governance and strategy for blue-chip organisations.Mark has extensive experience of working in IT Services, Security and Manufacturing environments, and uses this knowledge to add value to the ISF’s 450+ global member organisations.