Mark Chaplin, Principal, ISF, will be hosting a session at the Transforming Controls Safety and Security Conference in Aberdeen on Wednesday 30th October.

Mark’s talk, “Exploring the emerging cyber risk landscape in oil and gas”, will discuss current and future cyber risk challenges facing organisations in industrial industries.

About the event

Digital transformation, functional safety and cybersecurity are often discussed in isolation in the process control industry. However, data, analytics and remote access, are now used to improve safety, reduce cost and increase efficiency of assets, this merges these areas and they should collectively be discussed as segments of the digital solution.

This digital transformation of our industry offers opportunity and many benefits, but being more interconnected also increases the risk of a cyber threat/attack.

Do you have the knowledge and expertise to reduce the risks and maximise the opportunities? Join us to share knowledge and best practice.

How safe is your asset?

This conference jointly organised by InstMC and SPE Aberdeen will provide a forum for discussing the issues with subject matter experts, leaving you with ideas to consider and workable solutions.

The programme will cover:

  • Digital transformation across the industry including; Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Energy, Nuclear and Renewables
  • Functional safety and utilisation of digital tools to improve safety
  • Cybersecurity including compliance, remote access, threats/attacks, emergency response planning – management and technical, and securing business case with management