Steve Durbin, Managing Director, ISF will be presenting on the panel at the Wall Street Journal Conference, at 8.55am on Thursday 6th June.

Panel Session: 10 Years Out
Join Steve Durbin, Managing Director, ISF; Sian John, Chief Security Adviser, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft and Parmy Olson, Technology Reporter, The Wall Street Journal.

Technologies have the potential to change the world, but will flourish or fail based on whether they can be secured effectively. We will discuss how cybersecurity will influence public acceptance of emerging technology and how hackers could seek to subvert world-changing innovations.

About the event:

Cybersecurity threats are evolving and increasingly a concern throughout the C-suite and into the boardroom. Sweeping new European regulations on privacy and network security are coming into force. In this environment, it is urgent that executives across all industries and leadership roles be prepared to respond.

Now in its third year the Wall Street Journal will convene an invitation-only forum that briefs C-Suite and senior executives on what they need to know about cyber risks — ranging from protecting data and staying compliant, to defending their business and responding should a crisis emerge.

The forum doesn’t go deep into esoteric discussion of cybersecurity technology, and it isn’t a platform for vendors to make a pitch. Instead, leading authorities on cybersecurity engage in frank and timely discussions directed by the expert journalists of The Wall Street Journal. A premier audience finds networking opportunities that are engaging and productive.