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In the next ISF BrightTALK Webinar, we will be joined by Jamie Manuel, VP of Product Management, Titus, to discuss how to prevent internal data leaks and protect personal data.

Personal data privacy is becoming a bigger priority in the enterprise and we all bear responsibility for safeguarding our employees, customers, partners, organisational structures, and reputations. Ineffective or nonexistent privacy protection programmes expose organisations to significant risks, both from a financial and legal perspective.

A recent Titus survey revealed some unsettling data;

  • On average, 22% of emails containing personal data were misidentified by survey respondents
  • 30% of respondents did not consider sensitive health information to be personal data
  • 13% of respondents did not consider a credit card number to be personal data
  • A company with 1,000 employees might mishandle 2+ million emails/year

A prime example of how easily sensitive data can be leaked took place recently in the UK, where more than 1,000 notable figures had their home and work addresses posted on a government website. The post was meant to simply highlight people on a new year honours list. Instead, sensitive personal information was made public for about an hour. While some organizations have made efforts to build a culture of privacy, many challenges remain.

So, what can be done?

Join Jamie Manuel, Titus VP of Product Management, to discuss best practices around data privacy in the enterprise.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Use automated technology solutions to prevent internal data leakages
  • Optimize your security ecosystem and avoid workflow bottlenecks
  • Use machine learning to reduce false positives

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