On Wednesday 16th October at 1pm BST, Simon Marvell, Partner at Acuity Risk Management, and Mark Chaplin, Principal at the ISF, will present a Webinar discussing how, with the introduction of some quantitative risk assessment techniques, security leaders can start to improve their conversation with the Board.

According to McKinsey most IT and security executives use manually compiled spreadsheets to report cyber risk data to their Boards; unsurprisingly many Boards are dissatisfied with the reports they receive. Consequently, Boards struggle to get a sense of the overall cyber risk status of the organisation.

With global spending on cybersecurity products and services increasing at 8.7% a year, Boards also need assurance that their budgets are being spent well.

Specifically, the session will demonstrate:

•Forecasting future financial loss exposure from cyber events

•Prioritisation of security programmes in terms of forecast reduction in financial loss exposure

•Evaluating the RoI of security investment proposals.

The webinar will conclude with some suggestions on how security leaders can start to introduce these techniques and then evolve them through monitoring and continual improvement.