Maxine Holt, Principal Research Analyst ISF, will be joining the Infosecurity panel.

Business process compromise (BPC) is a stealthy attack on target networks giving the attacker the ability to manipulate processes without being discovered. Attacker behaviour is focused, there is deep recognisance, stealthy intrusion techniques and colonisation across many key processes.

However, where many targeted attacks go straight for the data asset (IP or financial data), BPC attacks manipulate legitimate processes and refocus them for the attackers gain.

Such examples have been seen in the manipulation of financial processes (as seen in the Bangladesh Bank heist) as well as drug cartels targeting logistics systems to allow free flow of containers.

As businesses become ever more connected through IOT and complex supply chains, could BPC emerge as one of the biggest cyber-risks facing businesses?

This webinar will look at the risks presented by BPC and the measures companies can take to safeguard critical businesses processes.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how and why attackers target business processes
  • Gain an insight into the impact of BPC on your organization
  • The steps you can take to protect your critical business processes