On Wednesday, March 24th, 15:30 ET, Benoit Heynderickx, Principal Analyst at the ISF, will be speaking at the Infosecurity Magazine Spring Online Conference – North America 2021. Benoit will be discussing Security in a Cloud Sky: Establishing Resilience and reliability.

In just a few years, the cloud has gone from being a concept for the future to an inevitable part of any digital initiative an organization will undertake.

Whilst offering vast benefits such as speed, agility and innovation, modern cloud environments can be highly complex in nature, and with that complexity comes distinct challenges.

Chiefly is the task of ensuring that, as more data moves to cloud infrastructures and reliance on them grows, cloud technology is used securely with a key focus on resilience and reliability. After all, if your day-to-day business functioning depends on the smooth running of your cloud ecosystem, any failure – malicious or inadvertent – can be catastrophic.

In this session, a panel of experts will divulge upon the risk landscape of modern cloud environments, highlight where security issues are most likely to occur and outline step-by-step guidance for implementing a tried and tested approach to cloud security.

Key takeaways:

  • An overview of the cloud risk landscape in 2021
  • Learn where your key security threats reside
  • How to instil a cloud security strategy fit for modern cloud environments