The digital and physical worlds are on an irreversible collision course. By 2022, organisations will be plunged into crisis as ruthless attackers exploit weaknesses in immature technologies and take advantage of an unprepared workforce. At the same time, natural forces will ravage infrastructure.

In this ISF Webinar, Steve Durbin, Managing Director of the Information Security Forum, will present the key findings from the Threat Horizon 2022: Digital and physical worlds collide report, highlighting the significant threats cyber professionals should expect over the coming years and some of the key actions that they should consider now.

The webinar will present nine potential threats driven by global events and major developments. These threats are group into three main themes:

  1. Invasive technology disrupts the everyday
  2. Neglected infrastructure cripples operations
  3. A crisis of trust undermines digital business.

Threat Horizon 2022: Digital and physical worlds collide is the latest ISF annual threat outlook report which explores the key cyber threats predicted to impact organisations over the next couple of years.