Cloud computing has evolved at an incredible speed and, in many organisations, has become entwined with the complex technological landscape that supports critical daily operations. Business and security leaders already face many challenges in protecting their existing IT environment; they must now find ways to securely use multiple cloud services.

In this ISF Webinar, Benoit Heynderickx, Principal Analyst at the Information Security Forum, will discuss the key findings from his research report Using Cloud Services Securely: Harnessing core controls. This report empowers organisations to deploy the right set of security controls and to focus their efforts on the most valuable action that will reduce the likelihood and impact of cloud-related threat events.

Throughout this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • Critical control areas for securing cloud services
  • Practical experiences and real case scenarios for securing a multi-cloud environment
  • The importance of, and how to deploy and maintain a simple yet effective approach to using cloud services securely.

Webinar details

  • When: Wednesday 25th March
  • Presenter: Benoit Heynderickx, Principal Analyst, ISF

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