Nick Frost, Principal Research Analyst, ISF will be joining the Infosecurity panel.

Recent research revealed that from over 12,500 disclosed vulnerabilities (CVEs), more than 75% were publicly reported online before they were published to the NIST’s centralized National Vulnerability Database. This disparity between the unofficial and official communication of CVEs is placing a greater onus on CISOs and security teams, leaving companies unknowingly open to potential exploits and unable to make informed decisions on how to respond.

In this webinar we’ll explain how vulnerabilities are discussed, examined and ultimately weaponized by threat actors – along with exploring how you can use this intelligence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Can you see past the hype of good vulnerability PR to actual threats?
  • What are the phases that lead to a vulnerability being exploited and weaponized?
  • Where and how do threat actors discuss, code and ultimately monetize new vulnerabilities?
  • How can you use intelligence to make an informed response to emerging vulnerabilities?