Building Cyber Resilience is Critical as Threats Rise

Published 18 - January - 2019
Source: Counter Terror Business
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Given the pace of change and scale of threat in the digital world, Steve Durbin, managing director at the Information Security Forum, details how organisations can increase their cyber resilience profile over the next twelve months

It’s becoming an all-too-familiar refrain, but it’s nonetheless true — 2018 was another banner year for cyber crime, data breaches and reputational ruin. We’ve added political drama, such as government shutdowns and manipulated elections, to the usual drumbeat of personally identifiable information (PII) exposures, ransomware attacks and banking malware. Traditional security risks have long since become central business risks. The scope and intricacy of the challenges around sustaining a business and protecting data assets in the digital era have pushed cyber security risk to the top of the executive boardroom agenda.