Cybersecurity 2020: challenges and threats to be aware of

Published 23 - June - 2020
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The risk and severity of cyber-attacks have increased over the past few years. In recent years, mankind has witnessed the most horrifying cases of cybercrimes relating to data breaches, crypto-jacking, flaws in microchips, and many others.

The wide use of digital media and the advancement of technology is making attackers increasingly smarter. Additionally, cybercriminals take advantage of companies and individuals who pay less attention to cybersecurity. To gain access to sensitive information, they target everything ranging from newly launched blogs to established online stores.

In 2020, there are new levels of cybersecurity threats that businesses need to be aware of. The Threat Horizon report developed by Information Security Forum revealed that organisations will face cyber threats in three main types:

  • Disruption: Dependence on fragile connectivity increases the risk of deliberate internet outages, compromising business operations. Criminals use ransomware to hijack the Internet of Things;
  • Distortion: Automated sources and bots spreading misinformation causes compromise of trust in the integrity of the information;
  • Deterioration: Fast advances in technologies and conflicting demands of developing national security negatively impacts a business’s ability to control information.

Therefore, it’s more important now than ever in cybersecurity to stay ahead of threats instead of managing them after.

Cybersecurity 2020: challenges and threats to be aware of
Read the full article on Xenex Systems Blog