Cybersecurity Plan

Published 19 - February - 2019
Source: Cyberistix International LLC
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Writing a basic security plan is a must for all businesses, regardless of size. For small businesses, an essential security plan will take a few hours to draft (8 to 10 hours), and write up an inventory list (2 or 4 hours), and after that come up with relevant checklists to update and recovery should take you a few more hours (4 or 5 hours).

Note: Writing relevant information security policies, procedures, and processes draft-documentations to satisfy ISO 27001 requirement is no proportional to the size of your organization and will take a few dedicated days (4 or 5 days), and few weeks to refine.

Here’s how a small business builds its working cyber security plan. Large companies have more complex needs requiring a more sophisticated strategy and beyond the context of this article, contact me with you need assistance with your needs.