Rush to Digital Transformation Leaving Organizations More Vulnerable

Published 01 - April - 2019
Source: Security Boulevard
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Digital transformation was one of those buzz terms I heard both at RSA and during my post-conference conversations. There’s a lot of exciting changes happening on the digital front—AI and ML taking on bigger roles in organizations, 5G on the near horizon, whatever the next innovation in IoT might be.

We know all this technology and connectivity is a security nightmare, but there are still some who are convinced that the digital transformation is also a transformative experience for cybersecurity.

“This new hyperconnected digital era will create an impression of stability, security and reliability,” said Steve Durbin, managing director of the Information Security Forum (ISF). “However, it will prove to be an illusion that is shattered by new vulnerabilities, relentless attacks and disruptive cyberthreats.”

Last week, ISF released its “Threat Horizon 2021” report, and in bold letters, the report immediately announced, “The digital illusion shatters.” The three main takeaways of the report illuminate that premise:

  • Digital connectivity exposes hidden dangers.
  • Digital cold war engulfs business.
  • Digital competitors rip up the rule book.