Steve Durbin, ISF: Only AI-Based Security Solutions Will Fight AI-Based Malware

Published 22 - May - 2019
Source: Tech Nadu
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The ISF is one of the world’s leading independent authorities on cybersecurity and information risk management and Steve Durbin is its managing director and has been for almost a decade.

Since the Information Security Forum has its eyes on everything that happens in the cybersec sector, we wanted to find out more on what risks we are taking, how the world is going to change, and more, so we had a very interesting chat with Steve Durbin, ISF managing director.

TechNadu: Cybersecurity and risk management are some of the areas where you are a specialist, so what we’d like to know is just how do you feel the past few years have been in terms of the evolution of cyber-attacks. Are we seeing more aggression or have things followed a somewhat predictable path?

Steve Durbin: Over the past few years, the pace and scale of information security threats have continued to accelerate, threatening the integrity and reputation of today’s most trusted, global organizations. Businesses are struggling to cope with the quantum speed and complexity of global cyber-attacks being carried out by organized cyber-criminal syndicates.

In addition to exposing the personal data of individuals, the list of targets that we know have been successfully attacked over the past few years include a veritable Who’s Who of government, business, and technology, including some of the world’s most technically sophisticated organizations. Moving forward, organizations of all sizes need to prepare to be targeted at any time, and at any place, by multiple attackers. Organizations that wish to keep pace with these developments, and remain financially viable, need to take action now or face severe consequences. With the speed and complexity of the security threat landscape changing on a daily basis, those organizations that don’t prepare will be left with significant reputational and financial damage.