The value of the ISF Threat Horizon series lies in discussing upcoming scenarios, planning for those scenarios and, most importantly, engaging cross-organisation teams in discussing the response playbook

The ISF Threat Horizon research, released annually, provides CISOs, business leaders and risk executives with a continuously evolving resource surrounding the future threat environment, and to begin a discussion and debate with business leaders and investors around future threats.

The ISF’s Threat Horizon series, has recently predicted these risks:

  • Threat Horizon 2019 suggested that the blockchain would be under attack, subverted to commit fraud and money laundering
  • Threat Horizon 2020 warned that the new biometric and facial recognition systems were more error-prone, and easier to trick, than anyone realized
  • The 2021 Threat Horizon pointed out malicious drones as a risk for target attacks
Steve Durbin
Chief Executive, ISF

“The lasting effects of the pandemic will accelerate trends that fundamentally change the business landscape”

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