Bruce Page

Head of Services

Bruce joined the ISF in 2019 after leading the Consultancy teams at GlobalData Technology and at Current Analysis.


Bruce Page is Head of Services at the ISF. In this role he leads the teams who develop and deliver ISF Consultancy, ISF Learning, and a variety of other professional services for ISF Members and non-member organisations. These service offerings help clients to better apply information security best practices based on the ISF’s portfolio of industry-leading frameworks and tools.

Prior to joining the ISF, Bruce was a vice president in the consulting teams at META Group and at Gartner. Previously he was a freelance journalist and small-business owner which led him to take part in some of the early experiments in Web publishing, including the development of the first Internet ad.

Security has been an area of interest for Bruce throughout his career. One of the interesting things about security is that it is both everywhere – security is a part of every single product or service in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) value chain – and nowhere, since security cannot be isolated to a single device, application, or location. This of course is what makes our careers in information security so challenging and interesting. There’s always a new problem to solve and something new to learn. Finally, there is a reward in the thought that the end result is that we help people to stay safe.

At a personal level, Bruce is based in France near Paris and is married with three children. Outside of work he enjoys cooking and enjoying French wines, and also playing tennis and mountain biking to burn off all those calories afterwards!