Source: Connected Futures
03 Jul 2018

Cyberattacks. They’re relentless, smarter than ever, and expensive — with a minimum toll of $500,000 in more than half the incidents, Cisco reports.

Increasingly, those threats are also highly automated, with sophisticated attacks that probe, adapt, hide and replicate on their own. That leaves IT and security teams struggling with a complexity and sheer volume of data that can be unmanageable with conventional defensive strategies.

“We’ve seen a number of attacks over the last few years where the information was there,” said Ryan Berg, chief scientist of Barkly Endpoint Security, “if only someone was just looking at it. There’s really too much information that people can’t process. That is causing alert fatigue, so we’re losing the needle in the haystack.”

Moving forward, the best defense against machines will be other machines.

“We foresee machines fighting machines,” said Steve Durbin, managing director of the Information Security Forum. “AI malware coming up against defensive AI. I do think that it’s going to change very quickly. What always takes us by surprise is the speed at which things change.”

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