Source: My IT Pros
12 Jul 2018

Hack-proofing your digital assets can make you feel a lot like Hercules fighting the Hydra: cut off one threat, and two more appear to take its place. Data breaches, phishing attempts and social engineering attacks are so prevalent and so persistent, it takes some serious vigilance to keep these boogie men at bay.

While no approach can offer complete protection from cybersecurity events, some types of attacks should definitely take precedence in your IT security efforts. In particular, threat actors are drawn to attacks that exploit individual employees, whether through ignorance, trickery or collusion.

Regardless of how they occur, cybersecurity events can cost you big time: about $1.3 millionon average for enterprises or $117,000 for smaller companies, according to Kaspersky Laboratories. That’s a pretty good reason to be on your guard. Here are the types of attacks you’ll want to watch out for.

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