Source: Gaming Tech Gear
14 Jun 2018

Mobile devices now account for around half of web traffic and inevitably that makes them more attractive to hackers who see new attack routes via mobile apps.

The Information Security Forum is launching a new paper, Securing Mobile Apps: Embracing Mobile, Balancing Control, describing the security challenges associated with acquiring, using and operating mobile apps, and suggesting actions to manage those challenges, while maintaining the business benefits.

“Mobile devices are always on, continuously network connected, and have an affinity for being lost or stolen — yet typically lack the security protection afforded to IT systems. Consequently, app security is tightly interlinked with mobile devices and the environment in which they operate,” says Steve Durbin, managing director of the ISF. “Locking down the mobile app environment may tempt individuals to side-step security controls to run their favorite, yet unapproved and insecure apps on unmanaged personal devices. However, both locking down the mobile environment or leaving it wide open can bring the same result: unapproved apps used for business. Securing Mobile Apps: Embracing Mobile, Balancing Control helps organizations find the right balance.”

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