Source: The European
18 Oct 2018

Cybersecurity threats have increased in severity, randomness, number and frequency over the past few years. To withstand these ever-increasing global threats, boards and executives must remain focused on the fundamentals of cybersecurity, leading from the top, to build a stronger security culture.

Lethal combinations of cyber and physical attacks compromise satellite and GPS systems. Weaponised IoT devices threaten to shake the global foundations of connectivity, industrial control systems and information security. All of which will impact public trust and international relations. To effectively address these threats and mitigate the risk to business, government, and public life, IT infrastructure must be fundamentally sound, adaptable and designed to protect the people, processes, data, and technology systems that rely on it.

Nevertheless, securing IT infrastructure is not enough. In order to absorb the impact of attacks, security culture, strategic priorities and best practices must become woven into the very fabric of the organisation. This requires diligence, leadership and contextual threat intelligence – and it starts in the boardroom.

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