Source: CEO Insight
30 Nov 2018

The procession of cyber attacks marches on, leaving a trail of shutdowns, outages and damaged reputations in its path. In order to build resilient organisations and systems that can defend against and withstand the onslaught of cyber attacks, we need our most experienced and empowered leaders to show up, dig in and persist. Cyber security is a job for everyone, and it starts with the leadership of the CEO.

The Board’s Role in Cyber Security

In the typical enterprise, the CEO sits atop a pyramid of executives, managers, teams and processes. In the digital era, every part of this hierarchy relies on, interacts with, and supports the bottom line using cyber systems. Networks, computing and data are the lifeblood of virtually every modern organisation. If you aren’t paying attention to cyber security, you aren’t engaged in the core operations you are tasked with directing. CEOs own the big picture. Without visibility into cyber risk and resilience, you are steering blind.



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