Source: SC Magazine
19 Oct 2018

High pay, job satisfaction and strong demand are still not enough reason to entice people to enter the cybersecurity workforce as a new study shows the workforce gap increasing to almost three million globally.

The 2018 study, conducted by (ISC)2, stated there are 2.9 million open positions which up from the 1.8 million noted in the 2017 report. The increase is due, in part, to (ISC)changing its tracking methodology to includes the openings that are currently available, along with an estimation of future staffing needs, estimates for academic and non-academic entrants into the field, along with estimates of existing pros who are pivoting to cybersecurity specialties.

The Asia/Pacific region is suffering from the largest shortfall of about 2.14 million with North America having the next biggest need with 498,000 workers needed, then EMEA at 142,000 and Latin America at 136,000.

“Building tomorrow’s security workforce is essential to address this challenge and deliver robust and long-term security for organizations in the digital age. Filling the skill shortage will require organizations to change their attitude and approach to hiring, training, and participating in collaborative pipeline development efforts,” said Steve Durbin, managing director of the Information Security Forum.

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