Source: Law360
22 Nov 2018

The security of a modern law department looks similar to that of a modern city.

Unlike protecting a car or house, the reality of securing an enterprise is considerably more complex — requiring police, private security, entry controls, rules and regulations, inspections, training, assessments, forensics, a SWAT team and much more. The modern organization is built on millions of lines of code with countless software components interconnected across complex global systems and networks.

Security is no longer a one-stop shop.

Getting security wrong can devastate a legal department’s reputation and financial situation. The media voice outrage every time a major breach strikes, exposing the negligence and carelessness of the company responsible: “How could they possibly be so incompetent?”

But the reality is far more complex. Security leaders must navigate an increasingly diverse regulatory landscape, managing risk and delivering value while tackling ever-evolving threats.

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