Source: Money Inc
11 May 2018

The media is full of stories describing the overwhelming effects new technology has on the way people live and work. Terms such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming everyday verbiage and plans for their deployment will land high on the agenda of business leaders over the next few years.

Headlines warning of cyber-attacks and data breaches are just as frequent. Assailants are everywhere: on the outside are hackers, organized criminal groups and nation states, whose capabilities and ruthlessness grow by the day; on the inside are employees and contractors, causing incidents either maliciously or by accident.

Business leaders are left feeling uncertain about the way forward. The dilemma is often stark: should they rush to adopt new technology and risk major fallout if things go wrong, or wait and potentially lose ground to competitors?

New attacks will impact both business reputation and shareholder value, and cyber risk exists in every aspect of the enterprise. At the Information Security Forum, we recently released Threat Horizon 2020, the latest in an annual series of reports that provide businesses a forward-looking view of emerging threats in today’s always-on, interconnected world. In Threat Horizon 2020, we drew from our research to highlight the top nine threats to information security over the next two years.

Let’s take a look at these threats and what they mean for your organization:

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