Source: IT Pro Portal
08 Jun 2018

Security orchestration, automation and response platforms need careful consideration in easing the security management burden.

A surge in cyber threats and the administrative burden involved in staying on top of data security management is putting pressure on enterprise IT departments that cannot afford to risk a serious data breach, reputational damage and operational disruption.

Faced with an ongoing cyber security skills shortage, organisations need a different approach to security provision unrestricted by manual processes – one that reduces their dependence on hard-pressed humans by harnessing automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and other innovative technologies to help identify, filter, neutralise and remediate cyber threats before they have a chance to do significant harm.

Ultimately what security professionals and analysts are looking for is a way not only to reduce compromise to detection dwell times, but also detection to remediation times – i.e. how long it takes the organisation to contain the threat once it has been identified.

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