Source: Computer Weekly
03 May 2018

Any cyber dwell time is detrimental to an organisation’s security posture and can result in significant harm. Dwell time is the length of time that a cyber attacker enjoys undetected access to a network before being discovered and expelled from that environment.

According to the 2018 M-Trends report by FireEye, the global median dwell time for 2017 was 101 days, but actual dwell times across the globe ranged from less than a week to more than 2,000 days. The longer the cyber dwell time, the greater the opportunity for an attacker to move laterally, gain credentials and access sensitive areas.

For many cyber attackers, it is necessary to conceal their activities and stealthily traverse a network for a sustained period to find the data they seek and realise their malicious objective (for example, misappropriate trade secrets, launder money or disrupt and degrade infrastructure).

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