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ISF Rapid Security Assessment
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The Rapid Security Assessment (RSA) provides a high impact, peer-validated Information Security Management System (ISMS) Assessment – in just 10 days.

ISF Experts, will deliver a bespoke pathway to improve your information security, including recommendations for ISF resources to help tackle the identified areas.

Actionable, independent assessment of security policies, procedures and controls, giving you priorities for a more secure and resilient organisation.

To find out more about the ISF Rapid Security Assessment please get in touch with your regional director.


Step 1: Engagement Data Collection

Our security experts work with key stakeholders for the assessment from selected members of your information security team and organisation. The assessment should require no more than half a day in an online session, to gather data from your team using ISF assessment tools.

Step 2: Assessment Results

The second online session will take no more than half a day to discuss the results. ISF experts will provide detailed analysis of your assessment scores, including comparison to the ISF benchmark database and ISF Members. This gives you the opportunity to recognise the impact of security weaknesses, understand how you compare against your peers and identify the key areas where prioritised action will have the greatest effect.

Step 3: Expert Review

The assessment is followed up with an online ISF Expert review based on Member experience and example. It includes recommendations for the use of additional ISF resources, tools and peer communities to accelerate improvement of your security in identified areas. Linked to your Rapid Security Assessment, it highlights areas where ISF resources can deliver long term, ongoing, information security improvement.


One of the best features is that we gain expert, independent insight of our strengths and weaknesses coupled with pragmatic guidance to address critical security weaknesses in our company
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