In 2023 a set of threats will coalesce, accelerated by global events and amplified by a misguided belief in the power of technology. The information security function will find itself at a tipping point as it struggles to demonstrate its worth but, by taking stock and steering a different course, it will be able to re-establish its role as an enabler in a very different world.

Aimed at CISOs, senior leaders and risk executives, the Threat Horizon 2023 executive summary offers a concise overview of the report findings and identifies nine future threats to information security grouped within three key themes:

  1. Machines seize control
  2. Identity is weaponised
  3. Security fails in a brave new world.

The ISF Threat Horizon Series

The ISF Threat Horizon research, released annually, provides a continuously evolving resource surrounding the future threat environment, and to begin a discussion and debate with business leaders and investors around future threats. Discover more with the ISF Threat Horizon suite and find out how we can help your organisation.

The value lies in discussing upcoming scenarios, planning for those scenarios and, most importantly, engaging cross-organisation teams in discussing the response playbook.

Steve Durbin, Chief Executive, ISF

Threat Radar

CISOs, Senior Leaders and Risk Executives can use tools such as the ISF Threat Radar to help visualise impacts, prioritise threats and start discussions with the Board to establish a response plan. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

Executive Summary

Threat Horizon 2023: Security at a tipping point

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