ISF Learning

ISF Learning delivers high-impact, best-in-class, learning programmes and certifications.

Many Members have told us how sourcing quality training is a challenge and that skills gaps within their teams impede progress towards their organisation’s objectives.

ISF Learning delivers high-impact, best-in-class, learning programmes and certifications. It focuses upon building capability and applied learning to create the next generation of ​information security practitioners and leaders.

Our Practitioner Certifications combine industry-specific knowledge with capability-based learning both online and in the live environment.

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Certificates Available now – Risk Practitioner  


Aimed at all roles and focusing on applying subject matter expertise in the form of high value, business-centred and practical skills around information risk within a broader business risk context.


What is ISF Learning?

Targeted at information security professionals
A tailored syllabus that takes a bold step beyond conventional industry training with programmes designed to deliver true personal development.

Building next-generation leaders and practitioners
Tackling future-critical information security capabilities and inspiring the future leaders and CISOs within the industry.

Four new industry ‘Practitioner’ certifications
Risk Practitioner, Leadership Practitioner, Policy Practitioner and Awareness Practitioner.

A blend of self-paced and live learning
Programmes are designed to be convivial, with online and live instructor-led sessions including frequent group discussion and exercises. Housed inside the ISF online learning platform and stage-managed to deliver maximum engagement.

Certifications - Coming Soon

Leadership PractitionerAimed at function and team leaders who may have a reporting line into a CISO. Focusing on developing high performing teams and information security capabilities.

Policy PractitionerAimed at governance and compliance roles at all levels, focusing on developing pragmatic policies and standards that breed high levels of business adoption and ownership.

Awareness PractitionerAimed at information security project leads, subject matter experts, thought leaders and facilitators. Focusing on building business-wide awareness and ownership of information security.

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