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Tailored Training


Are you getting the most out of your ISF Membership?

Through ISF Membership, you and your team have unrestricted access to ISF tools and methodologies. With these resources you can perform fundamental tasks to manage risk, establish resistance, and maintain agility.

ISF Tailored Training ensures you can apply these tools and methodologies effectively to your organisations particular needs, and benefit from the information security outcomes efficiently.

Why work with ISF to run your Tailored Training engagement?

ISF Tailored Training provides targeted support for those involved in using ISF tools and methodologies to ensure better information security outcomes for their organisation.

Those who complete the course receive certification for their personal record of accomplishment, as well as meeting requirements for regulated industries to show completion of cyber skills training.

Who will this help?

Business information security managers and officers | Information security practitioners | Information risk managers and officers | Information security ‘champions’ | Risk owners and other business stakeholders.


Running an ISF Tailored Training engagement enables your team to:

Adapt individual tools and methodologies to create a ‘right fit’ with your organisation’s needs.

Understand practitioner experiences of implementing and driving cyber risk programmes.

Develop an understanding of the key concepts underpinning individual tools and methodologies.

Increase and enhance your benefits from other key ISF products.

Apply key concepts and knowledge of individual tools and methodologies in case study exercises.

Enhance and broaden outcomes from your cyber risk management programme.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch to discuss how ISF Tailored Training can enhance your team’s skills to maximise the benefit of ISF tools and methodologies.



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