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Tailored Training

Upskill your information security champions
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 Skills-based training for information security and risk teams

ISF Services Tailored Training provides focused, private courses tailored to your organisation, leveraging the unmatched ISF library of best practices, methodologies, and tools.

Tailored Training delivers capabilities-based skills training that will augment your team’s ability to:

  • understand the link between information security threats and vulnerabilities, and business risk
  • trace how changes in the external environment impact risk activities and priorities
  • adopt a risk-based approach to security, rather than a compliance-led approach
  • communicate effectively with risk owners and business stakeholders.
What are the benefits of tailored training?
  • curate a blend of learning modules specially for your team or function
  • link the training content and assignments to your organisation’s goals and priorities
  • augment your team’s capability via an innovative and team-building learning programme.