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Securing your Supply Chain: Risk-based supplier assurance when it’s needed most

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Securing Your Supply Chain: Risk-based supplier assurance when it's needed most
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Information risk introduced via the supply chain is something that organisations neglect at their peril. Whilst supply chain security has been on most cyber professionals’ agenda for some time now, recent global events and economic trends have brought the issue to the fore yet again.

The challenge for businesses is that, even with a recognition that supplier management is important to efficient ongoing operations, in too many cases it still lets cyber vulnerabilities in ‘by the back door’. In other cases, organisations implement a point in time, ‘one size fits all’ approach that results in inefficiency and cumbersome processes that fail to reflect the underlying risk profile of supplier relationships. Organisations need smart supply chain information risk management solutions that provide the right level of information protection where needed, acting as an enabler to ongoing business success rather than a barrier.

The ISF Supply Chain Security suite of resources provides all you’ll need to apply a risk-based approach to your end‑to‑end supplier management (procurement) lifecycle.