“The geopolitical area is set to remain fairly complex. I would also say sort of turbulent and fragile as the US and China battle it out for global dominance”

In this week’s ISF classic podcast, we rewind to the #Cyber2020: the global security threat outlook series. Throughout the series, Steve Durbin, Managing Director of the ISF, discussed the race for technology dominance, third-party supply chains, IoT and the Cloud as well as the growing risk of cybercrime as a business.

In this episode, Steve sat down with ISF podcast host Tavia Gilbert to explore the complexity of the geopolitical arena and just how far the technological confrontation between the US and China can go.

ISF Classics

ISF classics are a series of previous popular ISF podcasts which are still relevant in today’s uncertain climate. Keep an eye out each week for the latest episode in the series.