“In today’s modern way of doing business, when cyber breaches and information security make or break an organisation, there is an increased need for company structure and better use of technology.”

Organisations focus most of their efforts on meeting strategic and financial targets. However, the board and security leaders need to be aware that this is when cybercriminals are most likely strike – leading to reputational damage and disruption to the financial bottom line. When a security breach happens, it is the CISO who shoulders the blame.

In this ISF Classics podcast, Steve Durbin, Managing Director of the ISF, discusses how cybersecurity is not just the responsibility of one or two individuals – but the whole organisation. When it comes to security best practices, collaboration between security leaders and the board is the key to success.

ISF Classics

ISF classics are a series of previous popular ISF podcasts which are still relevant in today’s uncertain climate. Keep an eye out each week for the latest episode in the series.