In his world travels, Steve Durbin of the Information Security Forum sees the global cybersecurity industry coming of age. But he also sees the steady maturation of cybercriminals and their schemes. How can organizations best counter the changing threat landscape?

In a video interview at the 2017 Atlanta Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit, Durbin discusses:

  • Top crime schemes that he finds concerning;
  • How organizations are responding effectively to cybercrime:
  • The value and growth of the Information Security Forum.

Durbin’s main areas of focus include strategy, information technology, cybersecurity and the emerging security threat landscape across both corporate and personal environments. He is a frequent speaker about technology and security issues, based on his experience in the technology and telecoms markets. Previously, Durbin was senior vice president at Gartner and served as an executive on the boards of public tech consultancy and software development companies in the U.K. and Asia. He also was a Digital 50 advisory committee member in the U.S., where he worked to improve the talent pool of cybersecurity and information governance professionals for Fortune 500 boards.

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