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Attacks Against Critical Infrastructures are Going Physical – 3 Use Cases

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Date and Time 12th May 2022 , 1:00pm BST
Venue Online
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Attacks on critical infrastructure are not new. For several years now, all governments have been trying to address this essential issue for the continuity of services to citizens. If we all remember Stuxnet in 2010 or WannaCry in 2017, since the pandemic the number of attacks has been increasing, targeting organisations or services linked to people.

The CISA in the United States and ENISA in the European Union are adapting their legal arsenal and regularly publish directives to strengthen measures related to the security of critical infrastructures (NIS-2 Directive).

  • What are the purposes behind this type of attack?
  • How and why do attackers particularly target these vital organisations?
  • And how to reduce the risk of these attacks against critical infrastructures.

In this webinar Bernard Montel, Cyber Security Strategist at Tenable, will illustrate this topic through three domains that have been particularly affected in the last two years: Financial organisations, Education and Healthcare. He will take concrete examples using vulnerabilities on IT and OT networks, as well as attacks targeting Active Directory.