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Steve Durbin

Chief Executive

Regional Directors

North America

Robert Mills

Vice President

Central & South America

Daniel Norman

Senior Solutions Analyst

Japan & Korea

Hiro O'Hara / 小原 浩之

Sales Director

ANZ (Australia and New Zealand), Singapore (ASEAN)

Daniel Norman

Senior Solutions Analyst


Harish Jagtiani

Sales Director

UK, Ireland & Israel

Bill Blass

Regional Director

Southern Europe & North Africa

Charles Fodor

Regional Director


Christian Kjaer

Regional Director

Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland

Sebastian Tischer

Regional Director Europe

Finland, Norway, Sweden

Daniel Norman

Senior Solutions Analyst

ISF Consultancy Services

Find out more about how ISF Consultancy can help you test and enhance your cyber attack response capability.

Bruce Page

Head of Services

Sponsorship Team

The ISF offers sponsorship and exhibition opportunities to organisations that are both Member and Non-Members. For more information, please contact:

Hannah Burchell

Sponsorship Manager

Jason Cook

Digital Sponsorship Manager

ISF Media Contact

For further information about the ISF, requests for interviews with ISF Analysts and Executives or access to photographs and images, please contact:

June Chambers

Head of PR & Corporate Communications

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