Building an Enterprise Data Strategy for the Modern SOC

Date and Time 23rd May 2024 , 11:00am to 12:00pm BST
Location Online

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Security, at its core, is a data problem. As data volumes grow exponentially (to the tune of 28% CAGR), organisations struggle to collect, enrich and correlate their security data.

As a result, today’s data onboarding processes involve countless log formats and ingestion methods, resulting in deployment delays, cost overruns and employee burnout. Gaining complete visibility of your data across your environments, no matter where it lies, is critical for security teams to stay ahead of modern threats.

In this session, Ed Bailey, Principal Technical Evangelist at Cribl, and Arfan Sharif, Director – Technical Marketing of NG-SIEM & XDR at CrowdStrike, will share and explore:

  • Mid-year review of 2024 IT and Security key trends and predictions
  • The evolution of the SOC to address today’s threat challenges
  • Building an enterprise security data strategy – tips and best practice


Ed Bailey is a passionate engineering advocate with more than 20 years of experience in instrumenting a wide variety of applications, operating systems and hardware for operations and security observability. He has spent his career working to empower users with the ability to understand their technical environment and make the right data backed decisions quickly.

Arfan Sharif has over 15 years of experience in infrastructure, cyber security and data analytics. he has worked for a number of large enterprise organizations in a variety of roles, and is fascinated with mapping solutions to customer requirements , and helping them understand the value of their machine data, especially across SecOps and how it is utilized in SIEM solutions.


Ed Bailey

Principal Technical Evangelist


Arfan Sharif

Director - Technical Marketing of NG-SIEM & XDR

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