Cloud Security – a dynamic approach to cloud risk monitoring and reporting

Date and Time 16th March 2021 , 3:00pm

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On Tuesday 16th March at 15:00 GMT, Benoit Heynderickx Principal Analyst at the ISF hosted a live webinar exploring cloud security and a dynamic approach to cloud risk monitoring and reporting.

This session included:

  • Some of the new challenges faced by security and risk function when it comes to monitoring the risks posed by the multitude of cloud services recently acquired
  • The various solutions at-hands for cloud risk monitoring and reporting across the whole multi-cloud environment
  • Future trends leveraging the use of AI techniques for cloud risk monitoring.

Benoit is a principal analyst at the ISF. He is the project lead for the ISF’s Supply Chain suite of products and the research lead for cloud security. Benoit has over 20 years’ experience in information security risk and assurance and has worked across various industries and large organisations. Benoit also has a special interest in the emerging quantitative techniques in risk analysis.