Continuous Supply Chain Assurance: Always know your risk

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Date and Time 25th February 2021 , 2:00pm

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It is impossible to operate a business without having a supply chain. In the increasingly globalised environment, suppliers help to keep daily operations moving in every organisation. But this also brings information risk: supplier vulnerabilities are an increasingly common cause of compromise. Keeping a watchful eye on the security status of suppliers – always knowing the risk they present – is an important part of building resilience and maintaining operations.

On Thursday 25th February, 14.00 GMT, Richard Absalom, Senior Research Analyst at the ISF and author of the Continuous Supply Chain Assurance report, hosted an interactive panel discussing the need to continuously monitor supplier security and exploring the tools and techniques that organisations can use right now.

Richard was joined by David Aubrey-Jones, Threat Readiness Team Leader at NatWest Group, Elli Tsiala, Information Security Expert at ABN AMRO Bank N.V., and Phil Ramage, Head of Security Operations for Defence & National Security at Fujitsu.

This event took place on another website