CxO Webinar Series: Containment – The Ultimate Incident Response Exercise: Are you remotely ready?

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Date and Time 04th August 2020 , 12:00pm

Cyber Resiliency is a defining moment in history

Containment – The Ultimate Incident Response Exercise: Are you remotely ready?
Tal Mozes, CEO, Mitiga
Christoper Hills, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, BeyondTrust

In this session Tal explores how organisations are being forced to deal with the new and often unplanned, reality of remote working. Most Incident Response playbooks, procedures and technologies, assume that once a breach occurs, a team will arrive on site, critical stakeholders will be dealt with face to face, and that the breach will be managed and contained efficiently and discretely. We are now being quickly forced to rethink procedures, and build the capability, playbooks and methodologies for conducting Incident Response activities entirely remotely. Tal will present lessons learnt from the elite 8200 Israeli cyber unit and how corporate clients can learn from a military offensive approach in order to quickly bounce back after an attack.

We are now operating in a new world and one unrecognizable from 2019. Society, commerce and our lives have been disrupted on a level not experienced by many generations.  In the current circumstances, resilience has become a number one business priority for organizations.

Despite the unexpected, complex and far-reaching circumstances faced by risk management and security functions worldwide, the verdict is clear – planning pays off. Those who had invested in resilience planning and testing have reaped the benefits, by following established processes and procedures to respond quickly.


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