CxO Webinar Series: Digital transformation in the Oil & Gas industry for the modern cyber security landscape

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Date and Time 28th September 2020

Catch up on our recent CxO webinar where the ISF were joined by industry experts to discuss how the oil and gas industry sector is evolving to adopt digitisation and the cybersecurity challenges it faces today and in the future.

This discussion provides you with actionable insights based on the speaker’s deep industry knowledge.

We are now operating in a new world and one unrecognizable from 2019 and many aspects of day to day living has been ‘digitised’. It is acknowledged that the international oil and gas industry has generally been slow to adopt these new ways of working.

Whilst such digital advances are welcome (and needed) in the industry, it is important to recognise the associated cyber risks so that they are managed accordingly, including such risks associated with the supply chain.


  • Kevin Sarstedt, CEO, Chrysalis Energy
  • Daniel Brown, Executive Director, Common Data Access Limited,
  • Sakthi Norton, Delivery Manager, Common Data Access Limited

Moderator: Nick Frost, Principal Consultant, ISF