CxO webinar series: Recovery – Cyber Insurance: Making sure you are covered & bouncing back

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Date and Time 11th August 2020 , 12:00pm
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Recovery – Cyber Insurance: Making sure you are covered & bouncing back
Judy Selby, Partner, Hinshaw & Culbertson
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In this session, Judy will provide an overview of cyber insurance, the benefits of getting the right policy, and the types of risks that are typically covered. She will discuss how to obtain the right coverage to fit a business’s cyber and privacy risk profile, how to apply for cyber coverage, and some practical steps companies should take to avoid jeopardizing their coverage in the event of a cyber or privacy incident.

We are now operating in a new world and one unrecognizable from 2019. Society, commerce and our lives have been disrupted on a level not experienced by many generations.  In the current circumstances, resilience has become a number one business priority for organizations.

Despite the unexpected, complex and far-reaching circumstances faced by risk management and security functions worldwide, the verdict is clear – planning pays off. Those who had invested in resilience planning and testing have reaped the benefits, by following established processes and procedures to respond quickly.


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