Cyber Security Ratings Are a Thing, What Do I Do Now?

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Date and Time 06th September 2022 , 1:00pm to 2:00pm BST
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As more and more companies connect together, it has never been more critical to understand the risk posed by third-party vendors. If their security posture isn’t up to your standards, it can create a backdoor into your systems that you have no control over. At the same time, companies can easily have hundreds or even thousands of connections with partners and vendors across the enterprise, making cyber security posture verification more than a full time job.

How can companies solve this at scale and reduce the burden this creates on security teams? By using a ratings system. Security ratings provide risk management and security teams with critical information needed to make informed decisions on whether a vendor and their own security posture is sufficient to prevent cyber attacks and ensure information security.

Watch as SecurityScorecard’s Josh Fazio, Sr. Sales Engineer, and Miryam Meir, Senior Director of Product Marketing, dive into the topic of security ratings.