Illuminate the Blind Spots: Why your security investments are failing

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Date and Time 21st March 2023 , 1:00pm to 2:00pm GMT
Location Online
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We all know the story. The threat landscape is ever-evolving and security teams have to stay ahead of the curve and protect their networks. But what if we told you that the majority of security investments are failing?

The reality is that your tools are only good as the data they receive. If you do not have the capability to see exactly what is on your network, then how can you expect your security tools to do what you paid them to do?

It’s time to illuminate the blind spots and really protect your perimeter.

Watch as Dawid Kowalski from FireMon explores:

  • the evolving security landscape and the risks facing your organisation today
  • why asset discovery and identification is crucial to securing your environment, for good
  • how to maximise your security tool investments and extract their full value
  • how illuminating your blind spots delivers ROI, prevents breaches, data loss and reputational damage
  • beyond visibility, managing network access correctly.