ISF Annual Threat Update: Emerging threats for 2023

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Date and Time 07th December 2022 , 2:00pm to 3:00pm GMT
Location Online
Get ahead of the cyber threats of tomorrow

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As 2022 comes to a close, we find ourselves faced with as challenging a landscape as ever: a global cost of living crisis spiralling out of control, tensions disturbingly rising between nation states, and a seemingly unsurmountable climate emergency.

Amongst all of this macro-economic, geopolitical, social and environmental change, our global dependence on technology is being exposed day by day. Organisations and governments are struggling to keep pace with threat actors, and citizens’ privacy, public service delivery and critical national infrastructure are all at risk.

To prepare leaders to step up to the challenge and guide their organisations back from the tipping point, Chief Executive of the ISF Steve Durbin took to the stage once again for our annual Emerging Threats webinar.

Watch as Steve provides insight into the key information security threats to look out for in 2023, and guidance on how you can prepare against them. Throughout this webinar, Steve explored the following threats:

  • continued growth of cyber attacks
    • the rise of ransomware as a service and the cyber mercenary
  • the poisoning of the data well
    • data manipulation compromising the accuracy and credibility of information, damaging the integrity of decision making
  • the world of the never normal
    • the constantly shifting security, regulatory and ethical landscape in which we all need to operate.
Get ahead of the cyber threats of tomorrow

Watch on-demand